Kind to your skin and truly soft to the touch, these reusable cotton pads are the perfect addition to your everyday beauty regime. They're soft, but durable, and can be used with your choice of cleanser/toner or simply wet with warm water.The reusable cotton rounds are great for removing everyday makeup and sensitive areas like the eyes.


One of the most significant advantages of reusable cotton pads is that they help to reduce waste and eliminate the usage of single-use commercial products. Commercial skincare and makeup pads are composed of plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade, and even when it does, the microplastics that are released harm our waterways and the ecosystem.Even when you choose the 100% cotton option in your local shop it isn’t always the best choice. Cotton is one of the most pesticide-doused crops on our planet, the makeup pads you buy from the pharmacy are usually doused in this pesticide residue.Cotton doesn’t biodegrade due to the bleaching and mixing process used to make them, meaning they stay on our earth for years on end. If that wasn’t enough, they are wrapped in plastic packaging which goes straight into landfills too.


These 16 reusable cotton pads are made from 100% organic cotton, which hasn’t been chemically treated or bleached. These makeup remover pads come with a mesh bag to use for storage and washing. They arrive in a fully recyclable Kraft envelope to ensure they are a truly low waste product.

Re-useable Make-up Removal Pad Set

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