Inspired by Nordic coffee culture, Norlo very lightly roast their speciality organic beans to craft a smooth and mouthwatering coffee blend full of intense & vibrant aromas, while preserving the beans raw antioxidants, nutrients & natural minerals. The result is a far healthier coffee!


The Decaffeinated blend is smooth & full-bodied offering delicious notes of blueberries, red berries with a healthy hint of stone fruit & chocolate. Using Swiss Water, Norlo gently remove the caffeine to provide a coffee perfect to unwind with.


  • Ground coffee: Suitable for all brewing methods except for espresso.
  • Fully recyclable coffee bag (200g) enclosed within your tube.
  • Your award-winning tube houses your coffee bag for ease & freshness. 


All Norlo coffee is 100% certified organic while every element of the packaging is recyclable. The tubes are made from fully recycled FSC cardboard.

Norlo Decaffeinated Coffee Tube