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From the beginning...

Updated: May 6, 2021

Imagine if you can, that we can turn back the clock nearly 20 years, where this little journey begins.

Circa 2002 and there’s an advert in the local paper (yes we still found jobs that way in the old days) for a Critical Path Controller at a major high-street lifestyle brand. To be honest, I had no idea what the job was all about, but I knew the brand, I wore their clothes and I knew that I wanted to work for them.

To this day, I still have no idea how I managed to land such a cool job but within a week I knew I was hooked!

Whilst my early working life here was pretty much about spreadsheets and chasing supplier deliveries; within a few years I worked my way up to the giddy heights to join the buying team with my own range. I loved researching trends, finding new product concepts, and working with the design team to build our ranges. I still remember how it felt when the newest catalogue launched, desperate to see what our customers thought of the ranges we had worked so hard to build.

Fast forward 10 years

I was one of the longest serving people in the team and it was time for a change. My husband Paul also needed to change location for his career, which saw us both swapping jet planes and hotel stays for a cottage in the country, so I left this amazing job behind!

Without the distraction of big jobs, we quickly found that our home was the best backdrop for our lives. Time with friends and family and being outdoors rather than in an office or meeting room. This soon led to a volunteering job at the National Trust and then quickly a series of paid roles focusing mostly on outdoor spaces – countryside, gardens as well as urban green spaces. A deep and lasting relationship with caring for our environment and doing our bit in preserving what’s important in life began.

Fast forward again to the present day and I still get the same buzz from buying. I love seeking out amazing new products and seeing how people respond to them. The only difference now is that I have built in my knowledge and passion for nature and caring for our planet, and so focus on sustainable sourcing in what I do.

A conscious decision to bring beautiful things that have been mindfully sourced is now what I am all about…..

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