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If you have read our earlier article about our journey to opening White Fig, you’ll know that whilst we love a little luxury, sustainable living is something we strive for and champion where we can. Whilst we can’t always make big gestures, sometimes it really is just a case of thinking about the smaller elements of our daily life that can help make a difference.

We have a love the indulgent experience of burning candles in our home and work spaces. We take picking the right one pretty seriously to be honest, not unlike picking a perfume – it’s all very personal! If you think about it, you will be breathing in the scent for months, so we think it’s important to pick the one that reflects what you love, like any other home accessory.

It’s about evoking memories of a place or season - from heady summer florals to deep, rich woody Christmas tones.”

So where do you start?

Of course, it could be as simple as thinking about where you will put your candles – if you are burning in a small space for instance, an overpowering scent might not work in the same way that it will in a large open plan space.

For the most part though, we think it’s either about evoking memories of a place or season (from heady summer florals to deep, rich woody Christmas tones); or creating an identity for the different areas in your home; from creating a calm space at the end of a busy day, for romance and cosy nights in; or creating fresh invigorating spaces in main living areas.

Here’s our mini fragrance guide to help you on your way…

Relaxing – perfect for those long hot soaks at the end of the day or curling up to read on a Sunday.

Scents to look for: lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, sandalwood

Romantic – Intimate meals, cosy nights in by the fire, a gif t for someone special.

Scents to look for: jasmine, champagne, rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vanilla

Invigorating – ideal for main living spaces, hallways and home offices

Scents to look for: citrus, ginger, rosemary, peppermint

Fresh – ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens

Scents to look for: fig, geranium, cassis, cotton

Don’t forget - the style of wax is just as important, to ensure our choices are as sustainable as they can be. We love using soy wax candles for a number of great reasons but mainly because they offer clean burning; containing zero carcinogens and producing 90% less soot than paraffin (made from crude oil) – this means less indoor air pollution in your home and of course, they won’t ruin your walls!

We source from three lovely UK based candle makers all using 100% soy wax. The other great benefits are that soy wax burns slower so your candle will last longer and will hold onto the sent until the very end of the candles life.

Caring for your candles Did you know that to prolong the life of your favourite candle, you should allow the melted pool of wax to reach the edges of the jar for the first and every time you burn it. After the initial burn, try and burn for a minimum of 45 minutes but no longer than 3 hours.

Be sure to keep your wicks trimmed short too to stop the smoky soot from forming little bellows. We recommend keeping the wick at around 5mm (when wax is set) following each burn. This helps your candle to burn evenly and longer. If it starts to smoke – put it out, trim and relight.

If you can, use a snuffer to extinguish your candle, blowing it out can cause some of the wick to drop into the wax and slightly damage the wick.

Each of our candles burns for a varying length of time depending on their individual scent and ho they are cared for. Estimated burn times are listed on the product pages. All are mindfully made using cotton wicks, recycled glass (which an easily be cleaned and re-used in the home) and 100% recyclable packaging.

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