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'Money may not grow on trees, but our knickers do'

Did you know? On average, women own 34 knickers – 20 for every day, 14 for occasion. For some of us, that number might be more than the number of shoes we own, for most though, I imagine it’s a pretty close call.

And how many of us do you think still struggle to find the perfect knicker, despite years of looking? Now, I’ll freely admit that shoes I can shop for all day long, but underwear shopping has ALWAYS been a chore. That is, until I heard about the Stripe & Stare story.

Super-soft, sustainable and oh-so comfortable!.”

Now, I can’t remember how or where I heard about these guys, but I and our regular customers are really glad that we did. As with everything we do here at White Fig, Stripe & Stare has sustainability at the very heart of their mission. A female founded business that has sourced a fantastic range of knickers and loungewear all sourced consciously and with our comfort in mind – what’s not to love.

Who knew for instance that cotton uses pesticides and so much water in production – it’s a natural product right? What I didn’t give much thought to though, was HOW it was produced, which is pretty scary considering my background in buying! So, if there is a better way, a way that spins wood pulp, using no pesticides and 95% less water, then this has to be the way forward, away from our fast fashion industry.

If you are not yet sold on the virtues of these fab knickers, then let me tell you a little more, because the Stripe & stare team have thought of everything.

TENCEL™ is not only a fibre of integrity but has been proved to be at least twice as soft as cotton. The fabric is naturally breathable and antibacterial, so perfect for all day comfort. The cut is perfect with no riding up and they have even used an ingenious flatlock stitch which means no pesky VPL. And when you are finally ready to resign these to the scrap heap, then you can pop them in the compost to biodegrade in double time. I have to say, I love mine and won’t be looking back any time soon.

Buy better, buy less

If you are not sure on sizing – here’s what to expect;

XS is a 6/8

S is a 8/10

M is a 10/12

L is a 12/14

XL is a 14/16

If you’d like to learn more you an also head over to the Stripe & Stare website where they will proudly tell you all about their story and their commitment to our planet

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